GMC Terrain First Auto Embargo Broken By Twitter

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According to a Twitter "tweet" from a GM PR person this morning, the new 2010 GMC Terrain will be unveiled April 5th and is expected to achieve a fuel economy rating of 30 MPG.


While we too have someone at the embargoed briefing this morning on the 2010 GMC Terrain, we didn't expect we'd have anything to report on it until the embargo drops on April 5th. That is until we received Annalisa Bluhm's re-tweet from Adam Denison of Chevy PR this morning letting us know she's "reviewing GMC Terrain this AM - 5 passenger crossover w/ 30 mpg - more to come April 5." This is truly a tremendous day for Twitter — it's the first time it's broken an automotive embargo. Yes, it's one small step into poop for GMC, but one giant leap for Twitter-kind.

Who knew 140 characters could cause so much trouble? Interestingly, we just read a piece last night by Julia Roy about the importance of remembering this new-yet-short communication medium is still public despite the fact you may think your "followers" are all your "friends." She titles it "Don't Be an Idiot on the Social Web". In this case, it's quite appropriate.

The reality is there's a clear and bright line between what is and is not appropriate on this burgeoning new communication method — so try and hold back from posting real-time updates on Twitter — especially with embargoed vehicles.

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Ash78, voting early and often

Five passengers and 30mpg? Why didn't someone come up with that combo earlier?