Look at this ATS-V’s pathetic —metal— wheels! Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove.

Ever since it heard that Ford across town started selling a performance car with ultra-light carbon fiber wheels, GM has been jealous. Like, so jealous.

GM is expected to go right to the very same supplier Ford uses to get its light, strong, composite wheels for the Mustang Shelby GT350R. That’s Carbon Revolution, down in Australia.

The first of the General’s cars to get it should be V-series Cadillacs, Autoblog reports after speaking with William Rodgers, GM’s light polymer systems technical fellow, research and development.

Do you want to know why GM wants carbon fiber wheels? I can drone on and on about unsprung weight and how it aids performance and rotating mass and blah blah blah, but the only real reason is because Ford has them. That’s why.


You know why Ford has carbon fiber wheels? Because GM doesn’t.

Anyways, Koenigsegg already had them first.