We've all seen the ads for the new Chevy Malibu touting it as GM's long awaited savior, a "super accord" and the ultimate Camry fighter, et cetera. And with a 100% increase in in Malibu sales in December, the advertising campaign might be working. There's only one little problem: there aren't enough Malibus to satisfy demand. And to make things worse, there are lots full of new Accords and Camrys for people who don't want to wait until the spring to get one.


As keeper-of-the-GM Deathwatch Robert Farago said, "They created demand, and there's no cars to satisfy it. That's fine if it's an iPhone or a niche vehicle like a Toyota Prius, but not for a mass-market vehicle." GM must bank on customers being so taken with the new bowtie that they'll wait a couple of months. [Marketing Daily]

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