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We'd already heard the speculation GM's been looking to take little pieces of the Kappa and Zeta platforms to create a new small-to-medium size rear-wheel-drive platform called Alpha. Now we've got confirmation by way of the product plan leakiness that is the UAW contract "highlights" book. The "product commitments" list is a veritable cornucopia of product info, and it appears to show a commitment by the General to build this new Alpha small-to-medium size rear-wheel-drive platform vehicle at the Lordstown, Ohio plant. We've heard it could be a small Cadillac vehicle and a small Pontiac, perhaps even to replace the Pontiac G5 — especially given the desire by Bob Lutz to turn the entire Pontiac lineup into a RWD-only selection of vehicles. Given that, there's even the possibility this platform will end up being two different Pontiac vehicles, both with RWD. We guess we'll just have to wait and see.


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