GM Tuner SVE Says It Might Build A Modern Typhoon

You may recall back to a few weeks ago when Specialty Vehicle Engineering announced an upgrade package for the GMC Canyon pickup truck to make it a modern Syclone. It’s a neat idea that unfortunately costs a whole truck load of money to make happen. Well, a spokesperson for the company told Motor1 that it would consider building a Blazer-based Typhoon to match. Which would be righteous.


The SyTy twins were GMC’s performance monsters in the early 1990s with turbocharged V6s, all wheel drive, and transfer cases made of glass. But they kicked all kinds of Ferrari ass and became Rad legends of American performance in an era where such a thing hardly existed.

The new Blazer is a little bit on the bland side, and could use an injection of excitement like what SVE can offer. The “Syclone” that the company builds adds a supercharger to the top of the GMC Canyon’s 3.6-liter V6 engine. Stock it makes 308 horsepower, but after SVE touches it that power is bumped up to 455. In addition to the supercharger, the truck gets a big brake kit, a cat-back exhaust, custom wheels, and Syclone badges.

Luckily, the Blazer is available with a near-identical version (LGZ vs LGX) of that same 3.6-liter High Feature V6. Which means that aside from swapping a GMC-stylized grille in for the Chevy grille, all else remains pretty similar. Give it the supercharger, brakes, exhaust, and wheels, and it’s ready for prime time as a brand new quasi-GMC Typhoon.


Motor1 suggested building such a beast on the 2020 GMC Acadia platform, but I’m of the opinion that building a Typhoon from a three-row mid-size crossover is sacrilege. At least the Blazer is small enough and edgy enough to make the Typhoon look work. I do wish the Blazer was available without its rear doors, though. Then it would make the perfect Typhoon.

Make it happen SVE. If we’re going to have ridiculous crossovers everywhere, at least give them superchargers.

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I suspect a few of these will be sold to guys over 50, that will keep them for awhile and then when they try to sell them, they will in turn refuse all reasonable offers because “they know what they got”.