GM Planning Plug-In Hybrid?

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If it's an intentional leak, it's a brilliant PR strategy. In the wake of the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car," which accuses GM and Big Oil of colluding to keep electric vehicles from the market, CNN reports the General may be looking at building plug-in hybrids. A plug-in system would allow a full hybrid's batteries to be charged by the engine or, while parked, by the power grid, which would offer greater operating range in electric-only mode. The source for the story is "someone familiar with the company's plans," which may or may not signal a strategic leak. Making a commitment to plug-ins would let GM to an end-run around criticism about being late to the hybrid game, by appearing proactive on addressing a noted deficiency in rival Toyota's system. Are they that clever?

GM Eyes "Plug-In" Hybrid [CNN]

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