GM Now Says That Every Bolt And Bolt EUV Worldwide Will Be Recalled Because Of Fire Risk

The automaker says that it will spend another $1 billion to fix the issue.

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Photo: GM

Some Chevy Bolts have been recalled since last year because of battery issues and potential fire, and then again in July for the same issue. Now GM has said, fuck it, let’s recall every other Bolt and also every Bolt EUV worldwide.

The timing on this could not be much worse, given how much GM has hyped the Bolt EUV, but, on the other hand, credit to GM for doing it despite that. Around 60,000 Bolts and Bolts EUV in the U.S. are affected, according to GM’s release, with around 13,000 more affected abroad. GM expects the recall to cost them around $1 billion.

Here’s how GM describes the issue:

In rare circumstances, the batteries supplied to GM for these vehicles may have two manufacturing defects – a torn anode tab and folded separator – present in the same battery cell, which increases the risk of fire. Out of an abundance of caution, GM will replace defective battery modules in Chevrolet Bolt EVs and EUVs with new modules, with an expected additional cost of approximately $1 billion.


After further investigation into the manufacturing processes at LG and disassembling battery packs, GM discovered manufacturing defects in certain battery cells produced at LG manufacturing facilities beyond the Ochang, Korea, plant. GM and LG are working to rectify the cause of these defects. In the meantime, GM is pursuing commitments from LG for reimbursement of this field action.


GM also said that it is, “working aggressively with LG to increase production as soon as possible,” and it will notify owners when they have the replacement parts. In the meantime, it says that Bolt and Bolt EUV owners should limit their charging to 90 percent (instructions how to do that are at this website), avoid letting battery life go below 70 miles of range, stop charging indoors, and always park the car outside. Also, if you’re car is parked inside right now, you should “immediately” move it outside.

GM also says that the new batteries will come with an 8-year, 100,000-mile warranty, for customer “peace of mind.” This might be a great time — no joke — to be in the market for a used Chevy Bolt.