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Remember when Jalopnik built a 638 HP LS9 V8 for a Corvette ZR1? Cool, right? Well, GM's considering a program to let ZR1 buyers do just that. It's a totally awesome idea that's every super car buyer's wet dream.


During one of the many booze and schmooze events surrounding the Detroit Auto Show, a GM official let us know they were considering letting ZR1 buyers put together the very engine destined for their car. That sentiment confirmed to Jalopnik by Tom Read from GM's Advanced Powertrain Technology Communications — telling us "we are considering this program."

Though only a possible program at this point, it would allow buyers an unparalleled opportunity to have a hand in creating their own super car. It's one of the ideas floating around "new GM" we think should be put into place as soon as possible. Talk about an amazing way to connect customer to product.

Our guess is Read's floating the idea with us to hear what you, the commenters and enthusiasts, have to say. So, let 'em know what you think in the comments below.

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