GM Just Can't Catch A Break, Recalls Chevy Caprices And Pontiac G8s

General Motors really might as well just recall ALL the cars at this rate. This current round of recalls is for over 60,000 vehicles across North America, the largest group includes 46,873 vehicles.

It seems like both of the affected vehicles are actually Holdens, or at least, from Australia. The two models affected are the Pontiac G8s from the 2008 through 2009 (which is definitely a rebadged Holden) and 2011-2013 model Chevrolet Caprice PPV left-hand-drive sedans which were imported to the United States and Canada from Australia, according to the New York Times.


General Motors is saying that there is currently potential for the ignition switch to change to "run" if jostled by a passenger's knee, and they are aware of one crash related to the problem, but apparently not any injuries.

Image via creative commons.

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