GM Is Coming For Your Wallet With 50 New Digital Services Arriving By 2026

The dreaded future we all knew was coming is finally upon us.

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GM’s Ultifi Platform, the backbone of the company’s digital revenue streams.
GM’s Ultifi Platform, the backbone of the company’s digital revenue streams.
Image: General Motors

Automakers are looking for ways to continue making money off of you long after you have purchased your car. So, get ready to cough up some cash, as Reuters reports that GM will have an onslaught of 50 new digital features and services coming by 2026.

You already know what most of these “services” are going to be. Steve Carlisle, GM North America’s president described them as “value-added products.” In layman’s terms, it’s likely going to be a bunch of built-in car services no one asked for or needs.

The move to tech-based revenue streams is all part of GM’s master plan to increase revenue. In October 2021, GM CEO Mary Barra announced a plan to increase GM’s annual revenue to a massive $280 billion per year. OnStar and Super Cruise are already on the road to bringing in that revenue. Per Reuters:

Carlisle said GM’s OnStar unit, which now offers insurance in addition to concierge services to drivers, generates about $32 a month per customer, and its enhanced Super Cruise driver assist feature will further bolster that.


Remember, Super Cruise is a $2,500 option that requires a $25 monthly subscription after three years if you want to use it. These new products will use GM’s ​​Ultifi software platform, something GM touted would “reimagine what it means to own a vehicle.” That means OTA updates and online shopping.

While Carlisle gave no specifics on what exactly these new services would be, he’s given a fairly good hint. He’s said that many of the features will be designed to be used with the huge screens seen in vehicles like the Silverado EV, Hummer EV, and the Cadillac Lyriq. Plans are also in place for monthly, annual, and lifetime subscriptions.

I would really prefer to just, you know, drive my vehicle, rather than have it try and take my money.