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GM Employees to Receive Civil Rights Training After Racist Shit Happened at Ohio Plant

Illustration for article titled GM Employees to Receive Civil Rights Training After Racist Shit Happened at Ohio Plant
Photo: General Motors

According to multiple lawsuits filed late last year, General Motors failed to address multiple acts of workplace racism in its Toledo transmission plant. Black workers reportedly were subjected to “whites only” signs on bathrooms, swastikas drawn on walls, were frequently called racial slurs, and nooses were left hanging on multiple occasions over the course of four years. Now GM is making its workers attend training on how not to be racist.


GM Authority says the automaker claimed to have taken disciplinary action, fired some employees for the acts and investigated others. CEO Mary Barra visited the plant in person last month to dig deeper into the problem, and authorized a large cash reward to find the persons responsible. Minority workers still maintained that GM did not do enough to discourage a culture of racism, and the acts continued, the website reports.


It’s gotten so bad, apparently, that Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost announced that state officials would step in to administer civil rights training courses to all 1,700 workers in the plant, according to the Associated Press. Over the course of Thursday and Friday last week, each employee was required to attend one of the nine classroom sessions of civil rights training.

Being realistic about this issue, one (1) hour of classroom training will not cure years of ingrained and indoctrinated racist bullshit. Neither will threat of being fired. This issue will likely linger for GM until the cancerous parties are diagnosed and removed from their jobs. These assholes have no business being employed anywhere.

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That training will accomplish jack shit, at best. The racist workers will find new and creative ways to express their racism and torment the co-workers.