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GM: Chevy Volt Spotted On Transformers 2 Set Is Not Final Production Model

Illustration for article titled GM: Chevy Volt Spotted On Transformers 2 Set Is Not Final Production Model

The video and images of a Chevy Volt on the set of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen showed a car very similar to the Volt that GM has been lifting the skirt on. But now GM is saying the dark-blue car is "not the final version at this stage." GM spokesman Rob Peterson told Inside Line that it is "representative of the production vehicle," which makes sense as we've now learned that this prop is just a re-bodied Malibu. Though it should be noted that he wasn't even aware the car was out in California on the movie set.

"I've never seen that vehicle and I've never seen that color... You can tell it caught me off guard. I didn't even realize it (the Volt) was out of the state of Michigan."


Jalopnik Snap Judgment: Of course this isn't exactly what the production Volt will look like. The production model likely won't have the big showoff rims, and perhaps some of the badges on the movie prop are slightly oversized for the camera. It's probably just minor stuff that will change from the styling of this car to the one you'll see in showrooms — the basic shape should be here to stay. [Inside Line, AutoblogGreen]

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In fairness, GM spokeperson Rob Peterson just found out that GM was developing a plug in hybrid three days ago, when he saw the commercial on television.

Wait until next week, when he finds out that SUV sales are down.