GM Announces Camaro HP Numbers, Convertible, Production Delays

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GM announced to dealers today a one-month production delay for the 2010 Chevy Camaro. The good news is they also announced a model year for the Camaro Convertible and real horsepower numbers.


The delay of the production Chevy Camaro by one month comes with a mixed-bag of Camaro news. The reason for the delay has not yet been clarified, but it's apparently not due to supplier delays or the high demand for the SS model. The previously delayed Camaro convertible, which was shelved without a specific production start, has been attached to the 2011 model year.


Other news has filtered out of the call as well, notably the real horsepower figures are 426 HP for the LS3 V8 in the Camaro SS and 400 HP in the L99-equipped Camaro. If you're in the market you'll be happy to know pricing discounts will be available from the get-go (why not just change the pricing?). Finally, if you've already placed your Camaro order, GM is expecting to have all 10,000 pre-orders completed by sometime in October.

We'll keep our eyes peeled for the official press release but, until then, talk amongst yourselves. Thanks to JS for the tip!


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