GM And Tiger Woods Engage In Viral Marketing Of The Lame-Ass Kind

The General's engaged in some lame viral marketing in the past — like when they tried to pretend cars and trucks were flying because of some silly warranty or something. Everyone knows that the cars were flying because of the secret alien-derived technology they and the feds have jointly developed out in the desert sands of Nevada. Right, that's the very same alien-derived technology that brought us the electric car they so conveniently killed. Men in Black, my ass — more like men in Chevy polo shirts. Anyway, they're trying again to build some buzz off of the Tiger Woods / Buick connection with a bit of viral video purporting to be "behind the scenes" footage of the shooting of the commercial for the Enclave CUV. And let's just say, if it worked at all like Buick's non-viral marketing effort, we'll be expecting some really funny entries in the "what tattoo does the meat-head at the end have on his back" contest. Yeah, we totally expect some funny responses to that one. [Hat tip to Ed!]


FV Report: GM attempts "viral" video for the 2008 Buick Enclave [Straightline]

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Weaksauce? Is this one of those net-things I don't understand? You damned kids!