If you purchased a 2012 Chevy Sonic you might want to check and see if the car's brake pads are all there as GM now admits they may have shipped as many as 4,296 of them without them. Also, they're not notifying anyone until mid-January. Happy New Year!

GM is recalling approximately 4,300 of the Sonics sold in the United States because they fear the vehicles may be missing an inner or outer front brake pad. The cars are all from GM's Orion Township assembly in Michigan (the company has been touting the car's American-built bonafides).

Customers are going to start receiving letters from dealers "beginning January 14th" asking them to get their car inspected.

We wouldn't wait that long without checking. Sure, your Sonic will still stop if it's missing one brake pad. Call us crazy but we like having all our brakes.