Give Us Your Most Absurd Fake Fernando Alonso Rumors

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What’s Fernando Alonso going to do in the future? It seems like everyone has some sort of an opinion or has heard some absurd rumor about what the two-time Formula One World Championship and Le Mans-winning driver will be doing next year—so why not throw your own idea into the mix?


See, I’m mainly asking because everyone is getting on the suggestion train. Lewis Hamilton has said that Alonso should replace Pierre Gasly over at Red Bull Racing, as reported by Racer. Nico Rosberg used one of his post-race vlogs to say Mercedes should get rid of Valtteri Bottas and “bring Alonso back and put him in the damn Mercedes next to Lewis.”

And let’s not forget the countless folks who want Fernando in IndyCar, or in WEC, or in IMSA, or even in Super Formula. Nothing, apparently, is off limits.

So, go ahead and tell us what absurd and implausible thing Fernando Alonso will be doing next. Make something up, because that’s basically just what the rumor mill does. Maybe it’ll give him some career ideas.

Me? I’ve got my money on a NASCAR Trucks Series debut—but later next year, just in time for Eldora. (Don’t lie, you know you’d love to see it.)

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He’s going to peel off his face during a press-conference to reveal that he is actually Elizabeth Blackstock and wrote this article purely because he doesn’t know what to do next and wanted suggestions!