We don't know why Giugiaro named this after a long-defunct builder of idiosyncratic British sports cars, but the Frazer Nash concept is looking to become the world's fastest hybrid with a 186 MPH top speed.

Aside from a car which looks more Lamborghini than Targa Florio, the Frazer Nash Concept has a central boast of "World's Fastest Hybrid" with a claimed top speed of 186 MPH. Sort of an odd and probably specific claim around a traditional gasoline-electric passenger category since KERS equipped F1 cars will probably be kinda fast and there have been some pretty quick land speed record hybrids. Semantics aside, the Frazer Nash Concept will debut next month at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, where it will compete against the Rinspeed iCharge for most lauded one-off engineering exercises. [TopSpeed]