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Girl Who Hit Cyclist, Tweeted About It Says She Isn't 'Anti-Cyclist'

Illustration for article titled Girl Who Hit Cyclist, Tweeted About It Says She Isnt Anti-Cyclist

Emma Way, the woman who ran into a cyclist with her car, drove away, and tweeted about "bloody cyclists," has now spoken out in her first interview. She now claims she's not anti-cyclist because "she's a cyclist" herself.


Way gave her first public interview since the incident to ITV News in in a first attempt to try and clear up what she said. In the interview, Way says that she didn't stop because she only heard his handlebar hit the wing mirror and had no idea that the man fell off his bike, even though the first thing she says in the interview is she tweeted about "knocking over a cyclist."


Here's a pro tip: If you come in contact with a biker in your car, stop and check on them, even if they didn't fall. Way says that this is "not in her nature" and that she isn't anti-cyclist because she's a "cyclist" herself. That's like making racial epithets and then saying "I'm not anti-[insert race/ethnicity here] because my aunt is also [insert race/ethnicity here]." It's the go-to excuse that everyone uses when they make a mistake like this.

Way has been suspended from her job for the action and the subsequent tweet. She said it was a "stupid tweet" repeatedly and shows remorse for it, because it has impacted her personal life and career.

There is an apology for actually injuring the cyclist, but the remorse seems to be more focused on the tweet itself. Hopefully instead of just thinking about her tweets, she'll also think about how she shares the road.

Photo Credit: ITV Screenshot

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I know for a fact: You can be a cyclist and hate cyclists at the same time. I'm a mountain biker, and I ride to work most days (~8mi RT) and boy howdy, do I hate cyclists. The cyclists in San Francisco are such self-righteous little asshats that I refuse to call myself a cyclist because I don't want to be lumped in with them.

Whiny activists that follow no laws and think they own the road have no place setting bike policy for a city, but that seems to be the way it works around here. So I'll continue to say "Oh, no, I'm not a cyclist, I just really like riding bikes."

*This is not to say in any way that this dumb snatch was in the right for what she did. Just highlighting the potential cyclist/cyclist hater dichotomy.