gif: Shanghaiist/YouTube

An enormous, fake inflatable moon unleashed its fury on the city of Fuzhou, China yesterday, and it was clearly out for blood. The big bubble attacked bicyclists and absorbed entire automobiles into its celestial belly.

Local news site Shanghaiist says China’s Mid-Autumn festival will be missing its crown-jewel— a full moon—this year thanks to cloud cover from Typhoon Meranti, so many cities have erected fake full moons to stand in for the real thing.

This one in Fuzhou was released from captivity by the Typhoon’s high winds, and just look at it go:

It might seem harmless, but don’t let its bubbly, amorphous shape fool you. See the green car on the left side of the image below?

photo: Shanghaiist/YouTube

Now look at it:

photo: Shanghaiist/YouTube

The moon ate it, harnessing its puny engine as a power source to grow ever-stronger and ever-larger.

This moon cannot be stopped.