Giant Terrifying Pterodactyl-Sized Bee Interrupts Rally Stage

GIF via YouTube

One thing’s for certain here: World Rally Championship co-driver Simone Scattolin’s balls are miraculously even larger than whatever kind of giant mutant bee he’s swatting at with his notes.


Fuckmatiè World Rally Team (actual name!) driver Lorenzo Bertelli was the first to admit that the presence of some massive stinging flying varmint in his car wrecked one of his stages during Day 3 of Rally Poland:

First, I have a bee that was flying here all the time that was big and scary...

Second, because I missed the junction, and we stalled the engine and we lost five seconds after that. I’m a bit disappointed because we’ve done the same time as before. I saw that generally everybody all rise in the time, so it would have been a very good time, but it all started where—with the bees flying in the car.

Bertelli even looked nervous in the interview, as he didn’t seem quite sure where the “big beastie” went.

I’m surprised he made it to the end of the stage, to be honest. Lesser beings (such as myself) would have pulled over, ran away, and come back only to set the car on fire with the biggest flamethrower that could be acquired on short notice.


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