Giant Penis Shuts Down The Nürburgring

Illustration for article titled Giant Penis Shuts Down The Nürburgring

The Nürburgring remained closed for a few hours this morning while crews worked to remove a gigantic white graffiti penis from the track. Seriously. This is a thing that happened.


'Ring fansite Bridge to Gantry first reported the news this morning, which is sure to come as a disappointment because today is the first day of nice weather at the track. Graffiti is a common occurrence at the track — drivers even tagged it with our name once — but this is a bit unusual.

After all, there are dicks on the Nürburgring all the time, but they're usually driving Porsches. ZING!

Insert your favorite 'Ring dick joke in the comments.

Photo credit Sam Preston via Twitter



That's no penis. It's a top view of the DeltaWing racer.