Giant Duck Terrorizes Humanity, We Must Hide From The Duck

Humanity as we know it is doomed. Giant creepy dealership inflatables have figured out how to come loose from their ominous perches on lots everywhere. No one is safe, as October Sales Events everywhere are looming ahead on the calendar. Lord have mercy on us all.

This giant rubber mega-duck—because when I think of cars, I totally think of taking a bath—was merely blown loose from its space at the Peter Vardy CarStore in Glasgow, Scotland, per Storyful NewsYouTube description.


Yeah, wind. Sure. I believe that for all of a second.


I know what’s really up. This is duck revenge. You cannot restrain the duck. You can only hope he stays put. Look at those evil, gigantic beady eyes. Stare into the soulless abyss that is the dealership inflatable. It does not want to sell you cars. It only wants destruction and mayhem.

The loose duck then proceeded to continue its terrifying rampage as it tumbled down the M8 motorway next to the dealership.

[H/T The Telegraph via William!]

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Did anyone else notice the Pepto Pink TT?

(Edited from original guess of A5)