Ghost Hunter Chasing "Ghost Train" Killed By Real One

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A 29-year-old amateur ghost hunter chasing a ghost train was killed by a real train near Statesville, North Carolina. It was in the same spot exactly 119 years after the fatal accident he was hoping would produce the ghoulish locomotive.


Christopher Kaiser died on the scene of what was one of the worst train accidents in North Carolina history when, on August 27th, 1891 a passenger train jumped the tracks and plunged through a bridge.

Early this morning, at the same spot, Kaiser and a group of ghost hunters were walking the train trestle where the incident occurred when a real train made up of three locomotives rounded a bend. The group started to run for safety but Kaiser didn't make it. Two other ghost chasers were killed. (Hat tip to Worthless_Cos)



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You can't run from ghost train.