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The above-pictured lady goes by the stage name Lexus Cash. We mentioned this story once before, and although we're still pretty sure we're able to tell the difference between her, a character on a porno site run by two metro Detroiters (who knew we had a porn industry?) and the Lexus brand, Lexus isn't so sure that's the case. Thus, the luxe brand from the number one super best automaker from the land of the rising sun has sued the two entrepreneurs selling videotaped sexy stuff. As a public service announcement, we wanted to make clear that if you're doing a Google search for something like "cash back" and "Lexus" — and after clicking on the Google result marked "porn" and after a click-through of a 21-and-above screen, you come across the above web site — you're probably not where you want to be. Honestly, even if I'd been looking for "something else" I'd probably have bid a hasty retreat from the site as well. That's the scariest looking come-hither face I've ever seen (it's more like a "go-thither"). But just to make sure no one's confused, let's make sure anyone who searches for "Lexus Cash" gets this post. Your mission: If you've got a web site, blog or MySpace page, link here with the text "Lexus Cash." We'll get this straightened out.


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