Get Your Cummins Diesel Engine Ringtone Right Here

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Love the sweet sound of diesel? Wish you could fall asleep or wake up to it, but don’t want to asphyxiate yourself on exhaust? Well Nissan’s been kind enough to provide a quality recording of their Cummins-powered 2016 Titan XD starting up and idling, which you can download here.

The noise (song?) is available as a .m4r file right here, which you can then play on iTunes or probably whatever music software you’re into. Not sure it makes a great ringtone but it might make a good alarm. If nothing else you can use it to supplement your kid’s Hot Wheels playtime!

Image via Nissan


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Gary Yogurt

For you coal-rollers, be sure to drill a hole through your battery and press your phone to your face for a diesel experience closer to your liking.