Get To Know The 1900 HP Nissan Patrol That Annihilated The Porsche 918 On The Grand Tour

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Remember this thing? The Nissan Patrol that wrecked the Porsche 918 in the final episode of The Grand Tour?

Here’s a clip of it doing so, if you don’t remember.

The team over at 1320video got the opportunity to explore the Patrol in Dubai and discovered that the beastly thing is basically a Nissan GT-R underneath its SUV body.


“Everything you can unbolt from a GT-R driveline and—basically—make it fit in here,” explained the guys from F Performance Garage. “They sent a GT-R and they got a shell back.”

Within this unassuming-looking Patrol, you’ll find a full GT-R drivetrain and components—engine, suspension, subframe, brakes,transmission, rear subframe, etc.—and a GT-R- themed hood with functional vents.

It has 1,900 goddamn-horsepower. Sheesh. No wonder the puny 918 lost.

As 1320video notes in its video description, the drivetrain “has been stroked out to a 4.1-liter engine build by T1 Race Development.”


Apparently, despite its thunderous motor, the Patrol still drives pretty normally. It’s just a little loud. Loud because it’s the hammer of God himself.

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