Get Thousands Of Car Owner's Manuals For Free At This Wonderful Site

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Have you ever spent hours digging for the manual in your glovebox, only to realize you lost it years ago and/or spilled coffee on it so now it's useless?

Worry no more, as reddit user simohayha has now created Just Give Me The Damn Manual, a collection of more than 2,000 automotive manuals and counting.

Simohayha will surely be knighted, given the Congressional Medal of Freedom, and probably sainted by Pope Francis as well for his efforts.


As of right now there are manuals for brands ranging from Acura to Volvo, with a lot in between.

Seriously, Simohayha, if you're ever in New York, I will buy you a beer. You deserve that much at the very least, and the world is forever in your debt.

I'll put the link in again, because it is just that good. Just Give Me The Damn Manual.

Photo credit Shaine Mata