Get The Corvette-Engined Truck Chevy Won't Build

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GM never built a production version of the Ram SRT10-fighting Chevy Silverado 427 Concept. Four years after the truck's SEMA debut the wrench-turners at Houston's Fastlane have recreated the concept with their 500 hp, Corvette-powered 427SS Silverado.


Much like the original concept, the 427SS takes a Silverado and drops in a custom-built 7.0-liter LS7 (or LS3) V8 good for 500 hp, lowers the whole thing, and slaps on an aggressive bodykit. And because you may be tempted to take your Silverado to the track to embarrass a few sports cars, the latest version adds a Baer brake kit, four-link rear suspension, Hellwig anti-sway bar up front, and sticky 285/40/R22 Yokohama tires. They even took the truck out to MSR Houston to prove they could keep all that truck planted.

The package starts at around $19K and they'll soon be offering an LS9-powered option because they can.


[Source: Fastlane]

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Rob Keehner

I don't care about the engine so much. I'd much rather have a torque arm, control arms, and a panhard rod. The axle mounted to leaf springs really really really really really sucks. Why does my pickup truck have to handle so poorly and have no rear grip. Well it doesn't, it's just they are f'ing cheap and consumers are too stupid to demand it.