Get Some Free Online Off-Road Education At Virtual Overland Expo May 16

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There are a lot of off-road adventure/overland-themed meetups, or at least there were before the coronavirus canceled everything. But Overland Expo is one of the OGs, and since annual southwest-based happening was supposed to happen mid-May, its hosting some stuff online that could be fun and educational to watch.


Overland Expo has always been a lot more than a vehicle show. The event regularly hosts talks from industry experts, tutorials on driving techniques, and even hands-on learning opportunities with tools and trucks.

Obviously it’s not going to be possible to virtually teach off-road driving (unless you want to play SnowRunner with me!) but if you’re interested in getting a glimpse of what Overland Expo’s all about and you’ve got nothing else to do on May 16, consider tuning in to the Expo’s YouTube channel. Here’s the schedule of what you’ll be able to see. Showtimes are local for Flagstaff, Arizona and descriptions are taken straight from Overland Expo’s Virtual page.

9:05 AM – History of Overlanding

What is overlanding? Join Overland Expo founders and former owners, Roseann & Jonathan Hanson, as they share the history of overlanding from early Trans-Asia journeys to modern millennial nomads...

9:30 AM – Traveling with Your Pet (Seminar)

Overlanding is a great way to travel and it is so much more fun with your furry friend. Learn some tips and tricks for traveling...


10:00 AM – Injury in The Backcountry: Prevention, What to Bring, and Critical First Steps (Seminar)

When exploring the backcountry, do you know what to do if an injury happens? Join Eric in this “CliffsNotes” edition of what to think about, bring, and do, so you’ll be prepared while enjoying time in the backcountry . . .


10:30 AM – 10 Lessons Learned from Latin America (Slideshow)

Motorcycling in Latin America is like learning a new dance and it’s ever-changing rhythm. Join Alison as she shares some highlights from her six-month, solo journey throughout Mexico, Central, and South America...


11:00 AM – Regional Q&A: Mexico (Roundtable)

Mexico is a great first or repeat international overland destination with lots of beautiful scenery, food, and culture to explore. Join the team discussion as they answer questions you might have about traveling to Mexico...


11:30 AM – Yoga from the Passenger Seat (Activity)

Have you been sitting for too long? Join Rachael as she demonstrates a 20-minute routine anytime you find yourself needing a little movement...


12:00 PM – Cooking Demo: Spiced Moroccan Cous Cous (Activity)

This dish is a beautiful blend of savory and just a hint of sweetness. A perfect accompaniment to grilled meat, or a stand-alone quick meal. Watch as Connie demonstrates how to prepare this dish two way...


12:30 PM – Q&A: Buy or Build (Roundtable)

Sit in on a virtual conversation between overland travelers that have both built and bought their vehicles to fit their specific needs...


1:00 PM – Silver Linings: How the Worst of Times Became the Best of Times (Slideshow)

Join Azure to hear how a motorcycle accident in Mexico, a flat tire in the middle of a Colombian dessert, and an air filter failure in the Bolivian altiplano became her most cherished experiences overlanding through 31 countries.


1:30 PM – Recovery Kit Overview by 7P Overland (Seminar)

Stop in on Nick and Graham from 7P Overland, who will go through their winch recovery kit and their dynamic recovery kit to show you the details of what to look for when you build a recovery kit for your vehicle...


2:00 PM – DART Tips: A Taste of Off-Road Moto Training (Seminar)

Bill Dragoo introduces you to some of the exercises DART teaches in their beginner through intermediate off-road skills training at Overland Expo events.


2:30 PM – Film Festival Shorts

Join us for a curated selection of short films produced by the overland community at large. The films feature travels in beautiful landscapes and cultures from around the world. We’ll be showing . . .


3:00 PM – Off-Road Mixology (Activity)

Take your overland mixology to the next level and learn how to make a unique cocktail to add to your off-road repertoire with Eva....


3:30 PM – Happy (Half) Hour with Overland Expo: Ask Us Anything (Roundtable)

Join the staff of Overland Expo for an entertaining session about... anything!

You might want to follow Overland Expo on Twitter or Insta in case anything about this schedule changes. But it looks like it has the potential to be a nice little Saturday distraction in a couple weeks!

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If you are looking for more, Dirtsunrise (Tim and Kelsey) are instructors who’ve worked OE for years and who take a break from their life traveling the America’s in their 80 series to do skills and recovery workshops. I don’t think they will have virtual versions of those but their video series is extensive and chalk full of useful, no BS traveling tips and advice.

Plus some great behind the scenes stuff.