Get So Excited For The Grand Tour By Binge-Watching Every Trailer So Far

Photo: The Grand Tour (screengrab)

After more than a year without the lovable wit of the three former-Top Gear dorks, the end of our suffering is near. On Friday, The Grand Tour makes its debut on Amazon Prime, and we all need to be prepared for glory. And the best way to get ready is by watching some trailers and teasers.

We’ll start with the teaser that announced the launch date of the new show back in September:

Here’s the official trailer for the show, which includes a scene wherein Clarkson tries pulling a camel by a leash:

Apparently, the series is going to be a bit of a shitshow:

Here Clarkson, Hammond and May try and fail to describe what their show actually is, and why we should watch it:

The three guys like making weird noises:

Apparently cones grow on melons:

Here’s a BMW M4 trying to kill Richard Hammond:

Here’s Clarkson somewhere in the ocean being a dork:

James May’s epic story about trying to drive a car without a steering wheel:

Clarkson really wants to know about Richard’s underwear:

The trio talk about the beauty of rental cars:

A classic Clarkson story about hangovers:

Here’s an inside look at the command center for the show:

The automotive world has been in mourning ever since Jeremy Clarkson decided to punch a dude, and get fired from Top Gear. These video clips are all we had to hold us over as we struggled to make it in this cruel world without the automotive triumvirate.


We just need to hang in there four more days.

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