Get Real Kid: More Adventures in Cotomer Sevis!

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Bryant, who apparently once lived in the 818 and now makes his home in Alberta, Canada, has a bone to pick with the Loverman. Apparently, Bumbeck's pictures of Jonny taking an informal survey of the current crop of pickups' loadover heights didn't pass muster with Bryant, so he decided to complain. And complain. And complain. We're guessing there's not much to do in High River, AB. Click through for some unintentionally hilarious mundanity.


5:17 PM
Bryant From Alberta, Canada: hmmm
BFAC: not sure who this is :p
Davey G. Johnson: Davey from Jalopnik. Who are you?
BFAC: ahh
BFAC: this is Bryant from Alberta, Canada
BFAC: :)
DGJ: Hi Bryant. I don't think I know you.
BFAC: not a bad time to get to know you more.. do you access any forums where my name is Sanosuke
DGJ: No.
BFAC: do you access any forums?
DGJ: Not really, no.
BFAC: where would Jalopink?
BFAC: err where would Jalopink happen to be
DGJ: Where are we based?
BFAC: I am in Alberta, Canada in High River
DGJ: I'm in Los Angeles.
BFAC: ahhh Los Angeles.. I've lived in Northridge for 4 years
5:20 PM
DGJ: Ah.
BFAC: ah now I know who you are.. you're the guy that is one of the people that exist in the form of
BFAC: and also the source of the misleading photos from one of your people
DGJ: Actually, I exist in the form of myself. I merely write for the site.
BFAC: Jonny Liberman do you know him? he's one of the columnists
DGJ: Yeah, Jonny's a friend.
BFAC: I wanted to comment on his pictures — as they were very misleading
DGJ: Which pictures?
BFAC: particularly the ones where he compares the trucks with his arm
BFAC: you may note that he does not stand in the exact same spot in all of the pictures for the sake of relativity
DGJ: Oh lord.
DGJ: Get a sense of humor.
BFAC: no. I will not, because its very misleading.
DGJ: Dude. Seriously.
DGJ: Nobody said it was science.
BFAC: you need to evaluate good journalism vs bad journalism
BFAC: honestly.
DGJ: *rolls eyes*
BFAC: if you want to roll eyes, then be honest with me, why did he ever bother to put those pics up
DGJ: Because it was a fun look at loadover heights.
BFAC: right, where does it say that in the article then?
DGJ: It was implied.
5:25 PM
BFAC: if it was implied, it was done in POOR fashion.
DGJ: Obviously you're not familiar with the spirit of our blog.
BFAC: and its not clear that you don't understand the objectivity of good journalism
DGJ: Anyway, dude. Enough of this. I'm gonna go eat.
BFAC: in writing.
BFAC: yeah.. eat and think about your columnist's sense of humor and "implied" good journalism
BFAC: I hate to say this, but your columnist needs to quit picking on the trucks.
DGJ: Yeah, I'll do that. Thanks for the massive waste of time, pal.
BFAC: see you and enjoy your meal
BFAC: not a massive waste of time
BFAC: it was your choice
BFAC: not mine
5:30 PM
BFAC: besides that article only got a measly 6 comments.. that shows how bad that thing's written
BFAC: get real kid.

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Ok, and we're back. Yeah, here's the e-mail:


Psst, please remind Jonny Liberman that his picture comparsions are not truthful of the trucks. He is not standing in the SAME position in all the photos and also please NOTE the tire diameter on each truck needs to be taken in consideration.

Bryant "Sanosuke" MeleskoOk, there you go — Liberman(sic) get thee back to the LA ConCen and stand in the SAME position in all the photos and also make sure the tire diameter is taken into consideration. Also, wear the new t-shirt. That is all.