Get Ready To Nerd Out About The Shapes Of Trucks And Cars

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Author T. Yomi Obidi and The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) are about to drop their latest batch of knowledge on our asses; a 288-page tome that's all about "Theory and Applications of Aerodynamics for Ground Vehicles."

The SAE promises to focus on the aerodynamics of passenger vehicles and commercial trucks, the latter of which I'm particularly interested in. Ever since we saw that swoopy Wal-Mart truck my anger about the seemingly un-aerodynamic nature of semi-trucks has been invigorated anew, and I hope the nerds of the SAE think-tank will be able to expedite new designs for long-haulers.


The SAE says:

"Aside from offering a solid understanding of ground vehicle aerodynamics, the book also offers more thorough study of several key topics. One such topic is car-truck interaction, when one vehicle (usually the smaller one) is overtaking the other. There is a direct and instant benefit in terms of safety on the highway from understanding the forces at play when one vehicle passes the other in the same direction and sense."

This book will definitely be on the dense side, but probably pretty enlightening if you can make it through. It's scheduled to start publishing on March 19th, 2014.

Image: SAE

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David Tracy

Hmm. This might be a good thing for me to read. Put that enginerd degree to use. BUT, at the same time, 288 pages of technical jargon? Definitely finna be rough.