If you are looking for a way to unite with your fellow Americans with some burnouts, now is the time to score a great deal on a Chevrolet Corvette and keep some cash in your pocket.

The Chevrolet Corvette is America’s sports car. Of course, America has made other sports cars, but none of them have had the sales success or the historic legacy like the ‘Vette. It used to be the case that folks when they hit a certain age, they would gravitate towards a Corvette as a mid-life crisis car. That’s all changing with many older buyers preferring crossovers and SUVs. This means that, like the Camaro, Chevrolet dealers are a bit more motivated to get you into a wonderful V8 sports car.


Chevrolet is looking to clear out leftover 2016 inventory by the end of November, and it’s offering some great incentive and finance programs like 10 percent off MSRP cash back, or zero percent financing for 72 months.


This is just the start! If you shop around and qualify for additional discounts you can probably do a bit better than ten percent off. Here is a selection of some of the best Corvette deals across the country.

So I’ll start with the stereotype, a Corvette convertible.


A hometown parade is not complete without someone slowly cruising behind the band in a Corvette droptop and a beauty queen waving to the crowds. It doesn’t sound all that exciting, but if you’re president of your local Rotary Club and need a car, snagging one of these for about $10,000 off is a damn good deal.

Alright, hold the pitchforks. I know not every Corvette driver is a character out of a Cialis commercial. Some of you just want to hear that classic V8 rumble, wrapped in an iconic body, with three pedals on the floor. You too can score a great price.


I’m not here to judge unless you end up being one of those Vette drivers doing 5 MPH under in the left lane, but you can get this lovely metallic red example with a$13,000 discount off the sticker price.

Now if you really want a more engaging Corvette experience, we think the Grand Sport trim is the best value in the lineup.


With an upgraded suspension and optional carbon ceramic brakes, it’s got all the handling goodies from the Z06 for track day duty but at a more palatable price point. Like the red base model above, you can get this bad ass looking metallic gray Grand Sport with a $13,000 discount.

Now suppose you could afford the MSRP on that Grand Sport and are thrilled to get the discount, but a are bit curious on what $75,000 could buy you.


With the current sale prices, you could buy the tire shredding, exotic slaying, monster that is the Z06. Just go all out and get a yellow one so the Ferrari and Porsche owners at your local race track can see you stalking their taillights.

Don’t have the cash for a new Corvette? Don’t fret, there are literally hundreds of awesome used examples that can be had for any budget.

It’s a new day in America! Drown your sorrows (or celebrate your victory) with big-ass tires, V8 power, and a classic nameplate.