Berlin-based tuning shop AVUS Performance just launched a 580 HP customized Audi RS6 named the "WHITE POWER Audi RS6." Let me repeat that โ€” a German tuning shop named its new car "White Power." Really.



Frankly, is there really anything more we need to say about a car called the "WHITE POWER?" We don't care what the performance specs are โ€” we don't want one. Even if this is some kind of unfortunate translation issue โ€” let's call it the worst translator ever โ€” it's a perfect example of why companies looking to play globally need to hire globally. Full press release below.

Avus Performance โ€“ WHITE POWER Audi RS6

With its 580bhp and an impressive 650Nm ( 479.35 lb/ft) of torque the actual Audi RS6 is the perfect symbiosis of an estate and a super car.

For AVUS Performance, based in Berlin, that starting basis was not enough.

As the importer for Sportec products in Germany they equipped the RS6 with a new high performance exhaust system with a diameter of 70mm, racing catalysts and a new ECU software.

The maximum power increased up to 700bhp and an astonishing 800Nm (589.97 lb/ft ) of torque are now tearing all 4 wheels.

The results are 0-60 in 3.9s, 0-120 in 12.1s and the RS6 is electronically limited at 211.27mph to not overstress the tires of the V10 biturbo. To get the power to the ground at best Avus Performance mounted a set of 22" wheels in the classic Sportec Mono 10 design.

Besides the better grip these have great impact to the overall look.

The already good standard factory suspension with electronic settings was only slightly modified with lowering springs which help to lower the car by 40mm. The handling improves noticeable and the car gets much more agile. On the other hand it fits perfectly to the complete look of the car and makes sense in combination with all the other options. Last but not least a carbon front-lip and a rear diffusor are also offered and are the icing on the cake.