German McLaren MP4-12C Test Drive Ends In Fiery Crash

There are few concepts more prone to disaster than an exotic car test drive. Combine a salesman staring down a large payday with a driver determined to push the limits of an powerful unfamiliar car and things like the fiery crash you see here are bound to happen.

What is particularly perplexing is the fact it was a McLaren MP4-12C that was being driven this past Wednesday in Germany when this test drive went wrong. Surely the car's 616 horsepower is enough to get any driver in trouble, but the McLarens amazing engineering has resulted in a car that is almost too comfortable and easy to drive for some.


Even so, it certainly appears from these pictures someone found the limit of the MP4-12Cs advanced traction control and tuned suspension outside Munich last week. According to GTspirit, the driver of this McLaren lost control of the car and hit a tree. The car was wearing dealer plates at the time of the accident.

After the McLaren hit the tree it roasted itself in rather dramatic fashion. Both occupants of the car managed to escape the car before it ignited. While we'd guess it's a death sentence for this MP4-12C, the two people in the car sustained non-life threatening injuries.


We can only wonder if a test drive ending in this kind of fiery carnage is actually enough to change the mind of this potential McLaren buyer.



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