German Grand Prix Cancelled, Nothing Is Sacred In F1

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Yet again the world is reminded that nothing is sacred in Formula 1. The German Grand Prix isn't on the 2015 race calendar.

Not the Nürburgring. Not Hockenheim. Nothing.


This has been a developing drama over the past few months. Normally the German GP alternates between the 'Ring and Hockenheim, but neither one could stuff enough cash into Bernie's pocket to make a race in 2015 happen.

This is interesting since the current F1 field has about 38 German drivers, two of whom stood on the podium at this year's season opener. The last four out of five world championships were claimed by a German driver. The reigning constructor's championship-winning team in F1 (Mercedes) is German-owned and is particularly close to the FIA as well as Bernie Ecclestone who reportedly admitted to giving the outfit special treatment.

Germany is by no means a poor country, with what looks like plenty of influence in the sport. It makes no sense that they wouldn't have a race.

But nothing is sacred in F1. Money rules. There's little more proof to that than the German GP fading away while some faraway dictatorship (Azerbaijan) readies an event.


Photo Credit: Getty Images, Häkkinen's crash qualifying at Hockenheim in 1994 pictured


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For Sweden

F1 proposed to the Germans that if they made efforts to suspend democracy and enslave parts of their population, the race may be restored.

The Germans said nein.