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Drew Hoffman, a 28-year-old Georgetown University law student was out doing what kids do — trying to impress the ladies. However he did what most kids aren't stupid enough to do — rev up his brand spankin' new Infiniti and zoom past the GHW Bush CIA Headquarters on the George Wash. Parkway at a lift-off speed of 126 mph. Prosecutors say this may be the fastest anyone's driven a car on the parkway — and maybe even on federal asphalt. The aspiring attorney pled guilty to one count of reckless endangerment which will give him 12 days in the federal pokey and a year's worth of probation — which as the Washington Post points out:

"The conviction should not affect Hoffman's eligibility to be a lawyer. Asked if he learned anything that would help his legal career, Hoffman said it would enable him to sympathize with clients "who demonstrate that this is out of character."


Well, that's certainly a relief! We're so gonna look this guy up next time we're in DC — what with his stellar reputation he now has with the feds. (Hat tip - Steven I)

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