By now, Jason had come to share my interest in George’s fabulous tales. He got the slide rule out and cooked up this post, excerpted below:

Dude treats his car to the rich, creamy premium stuff, so he’s paying between 3.90 and 4.10 per gallon. On the low end of the per-gallon price, that would mean he has a gas tank of about 21 gallons, which is pretty damn big. On the high end, it’d be about 20 gallons.

There are plenty of full-sized SUVs with 20 gallon plus tanks, but I have not been able to find a current car with a tank in the range of 20-21 gallons that also gets around 13-15 MPG. Full-size trucks and SUVs tend to have somewhat larger tanks and remember, he’s claiming that a full tank costs him $83. But, maybe he drives an Audi A8, which is capable of delivering the fuel economy he claims and has a tank with a 21.7 gallon capacity. 

He also claims that he fills up three times a week! And, if he gets the 13 to 15 mpg he claims, that’s let’s see, on the low side, 260 miles per tank, three times a week, for a total of 780 miles per week.

At 15 mpg, that’s a nice round 300 miles per tank, for 900 miles per week.

Let’s just go in the middle for an average of 840 miles per week of driving. That comes to 43,680 miles per year.

Holy shit, that’s a lot of driving. Also, it’s not like this guy lives in Wyoming or something, where there’s vast ribbons of highway stretching out beyond the horizon—he lives in New York, and he says he travels into Manhattan daily and drives all over Long Island.


Jason kind of gave George the benefit of the doubt at the end of the post, after we learned that the guy was driving a Nissan Pathfinder, which at least kind of explained his MPG claim.

But in the intervening years, we’ve come to learn that George is a huge liar, even by congressional standards. And now, he’s facing a whole pile of charges relating to his many hilarious fibs. 


Again, voters, it didn’t have to come to this. The signs were all here, on Jalopnik. They always are...