GeoGuessr Is The Most Addictive Map Game Ever Of All Time Forever

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Maps are among the essential items to take whenever you're in a car. These days they mostly come in GPS form, but back in the day there were times when you'd have to figure out exactly where you are based on nothing but the surrounding features and a map.

GeoGuessr is that, only on steroids. You're put down on a random spot somewhere in the world through Google Streetview, and then you guess where you are. That's it, and it sounds simple enough.


Until you get playing.

Developed by Anton Wallén, you're transported to wild and far-flung locations, and GeoGuessr let's you experience all of them. Think you're in Texas? Nope, Botswana. "This must be Scotland, surely," I thought. Nope, I was just outside Winnipeg, Manitoba. It helps that the Streetview cars have gone on seemingly every road, everywhere. It almost lets you imagine you're driving down a back lane in the middle of South Korea, or Siberia, or Peru, or wherever the game may take you.


My high score was just over 15,000, which I achieved mostly through correctly guessing which street corner I was standing on in a small village in Kent, England (it helped that there were road signs).

See if you can beat it, and post your best scores in the comments!