Genius NASCAR Driver Plasters His Truck With Ads For Donald Trump

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Korbin Forrister is a driver with in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. He was also unsponsored at Wednesday’s truck race at Eldora. Being the unmistakable BrIlLiAnT mind that he is, he decided to plaster his truck in ads for a cause dear to his heart. Puppies? Kids with cancer? No! He gave the message of his truck to someone who needs it most – Donald Trump.


That Donald Trump. The economic fantasist, virulent racial theorist, and all-around spun cotton candy-hair enthusiast who is definitely not actually running for President, he’s just trolling and having what he thinks is a great time MY GOD AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES THIS, you know, the one who’s running for President.

So how did Forrister, whose empty facial expression definitely doesn’t make him look like he’s suffering from anything, actually do in the race?

Poorly, of course.

Anyways, we here at Jalopnik think Forrister’s onto something, and we, too, would like to endorse Donald Trump. He’s a horrible monster who also happens to be leading the polls in the Republican primary race. Which is hilarious, and almost certain to do more harm than good.


Bravo, Donald Trump, for making a mockery of American politics when it didn’t look like it could possibly get any worse. And bravo to you, Korbin Forrister, for both the ungodly mess living upon your chin and your thoughtful political endorsements.

Both of you aren’t what will make America great again. You’re what makes America great right now.


Photo credit: Getty Images/NASCAR

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