Let's be honest: "if you never go to sleep, Santa will never come" was about as convincing as "broccoli tastes good" or "you can't take a bunny to school" when you were a kid. One dad on the F1Technical.net forums has figured out the trick, though: make the bed look like a Mercedes W05 Formula One car.


Granted, once this is finished, it would be tempting to sit up all night and make racecar noises until you pass out (even as a twenty-eight-year-old so-called grown-up), but that at least gets the offspring into the right location for the night.

The plans for this race car bed look awesome. Sure, you can always find a pre-made plastic sportscar bed in stores, but if you're a young open-wheel fan, you're out of luck.

Per Awesome Dad Jarno:

I'm a not so long member but a long time lurker.. As of many of you I'm a formula 1 fan! My son also likes racing cars so I thought lets get him a Formula 1 bed. But I don't like the flat looking beds. So I started drawing a F1 bed with a matress and kind of the same proportions as an F1 car has.


After my drawings I found some used go-kart wheels on the internet and bought some wood and started drawing all the panels out on the wood. After drawing it all out of course I started cutting them out nicely as I draw all on scale.


Yo Red Bull, this wing won't flex so much.

The next plans are to add an LED night-light underneath the floor, finalize the front suspension build, then decorate and kid-proof the entire build.


Thus far, he's got rounded sidepods, a rear diffuser and everything. Vroom. Keep up with his build progress here on the F1Technical.net forums.

All photos belong to ThumbsUp's post on F1Technical.net.

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