Genius Buys $500 Car Instead Of Greyhound Bus Ticket

After hitting an elk crushed his Saab, one Canadian was faced with a choice — take a hopelessly long Greyhound bus ride home, or buy a $500 Audi and drive there. He made the right decision.

Yep, that up there is one sweet Audi Fox. Better than a bus ticket, right? Here's how Redditor Freesponge explained the whole misadventure.

I was driving through British Columbia when I hit an elk. I was driving a Saab 900 and the impact pushed the motor back into the firewall. Since the repairs would take 3 weeks I would have to get home some other way. The motel owners had a 1979 Audi Fox for sale. It had 152300 km on it and they wanted $500 for it. Much better than a greyhound in my opinion.


Read the whole r/cars thread right here. I think we can all agree that the Audi might have been more expensive than the Greyhound in the short run, but this guy made the right decision in getting the car.

Photo Credit: Freesponge

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