Genesis Trademarks Suggest A Big Electric Future Is Coming

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Genesis just filed a slew of different trademarks with the US Patent and Trademark Office, and it hints at one thing: the electrification of just about all of the company’s lineup.

Six different names have been trademarked: the eG70, eGV70, eG80, eGV80, eG90, and eGV90. If those names sound familiar, that’s because those vehicles already exist in some form in the Genesis lineup, so we’re probably not getting anything madly new. And we may not even be getting every model listed here—if I were Genesis, I’d want to get my trademarks in sooner rather than later.

Hyundai, Genesis’ parent company, is going for a something of a trickle-down approach to electrification, where it builds more expensive electric cars before allowing that tech to filter down to more affordable models. It would make sense that Genesis, a luxury brand, would kick off a slew of EVs.


That being said, the trademarked names themselves don’t guarantee a fully electric car. The “e” moniker included at the start of the model names has been used to suggest a lot of things in the automotive world, including hybrid vehicles.

It also suggests that Genesis might be doing something different here. It’s pretty tough to design a model that fits both a combustion and an electric platform since both kinds of vehicle include a whole different mode of propulsion. You can’t just slap a battery in where an engine used to be. So, it’s been easier to just have different models for different propulsion systems. But Genesis seems to be retaining the basic shape of its lineup but electrifying them.


Of course, this is all just speculation—we won't know anything until it's officially confirmed by Genesis. But it seems pretty damn likely that we're going to see some more luxury EVs hitting the market.