Gemballa Files For Insolvency, Questions Mount Over Owner's Disappearance

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There's new evidence this morning German Porsche tuner Uwe Gemballa may have staged his disappearance. A representative confirms Uwe Gemballa's wife filed for insolvency on behalf of her husband's tuning company, Gemballa Automobiltechnik GmbH & Company. Das is nicht gut!

As you'll remember from our detailed report yesterday on the curious case of Uwe Gemballa's disappearance, the tuning shop's owner and founder has been missing since a recent trip to South Africa, but no one is willing to say why.


Gemballa representative Ekkehard Krebs confirmed reports today that Uwe Gemballa's wife, who has power of attorney, filed for insolvency for Gemballa Automobiltechnik GmbH & Co. in a German court. Krebs also added "The company is still operating, still working."

Filing for insolvency is what one does when their company is unable to pay its debts, which supports murmurings that he's facing financial difficulties and may have staged his disappearance. This also ties into today's other big Gemballa news.

According to documents obtained by British motoring website CarsUK, Uwe Gemballa set up a new company with his elderly mother in December called GEMBALLA Sports Cars GmbH & Co. This company then was updated on February 5th, which is the day he left for Dubai (where he went before South Africa where he disappeared).


His trip to Dubai, multiple sources have mentioned, was to meet with his financial backers. He then left for Johannesburg, called his wife asking for money, and then went missing. What this means for his disappearance is still a matter for speculation, though it's now been colored by questions about the company's health — something his supporters had initially ardently denied.


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He could probably sell his Mig Enzo for a few bucks.