GeigerCars Builds "World's Fastest" Hummer H2

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It was bound to happen to an American SUV, only Germany's GeigerCars got there first. The tuning house has built a Hummer H2 that gets its go-forth from a supercharged 7.0-liter Chevy Corvette engine tweaked to put out 700hp and a devilish 666 ft/lbs of torque. Despite an aerodynamic profile similar to that of a falling safe, the tuner Hummer can hit a governed 155mph (governors can, of course, be impeached). The package also features "Plan Nine from Outer Space" chrome wheels (28"), sport suspension, high-performance brakes, pearl-effect special paint and a custom interior that includes a multimedia system. [Update: We've gotten quite a bit of mail disputing GeigerCars' claim to the fastest H2. US-based tuning house, Lingenfelter offers a twin-turbo, 427ci package that reportedly boosts horsepower to 700 with 740 lbs/ft of torque. Whaddya say, guys, care to send over a couple specimiens for the first ever Jalopnik Hummer Throwdown?]

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