The Allman Brothers song Midnight Rider is basically the perfect motorcycle song. It was written by Duane Allman, who was ironically killed in a motorcycle accident. Geico is now using the song in an ad to promote motorcycle insurance.


The new ad has the song playing while a man made of money rides a motorcycle around some lovely roads. Buzzfeed has pointed out that Duane Allman and the band's bassist, Berry Oakley, both perished in motorcycle accidents.

So is the song a bad choice? I tend to think it isn't. It's a motorcycle cruising song if I've ever heard one, and the song wasn't written about dying on the roads. It was just about riding, specifically midnight riding.


It's a coinky dink that Allman died in a bike accident. Maybe Geico knew, maybe they didn't. Either way, I don't see it as a bad or insensitive choice.

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