Geely Is Reaching Out to the Internet to Name Its New SUV, Which Is Always A Bad Idea

The internet doesn’t exactly have a stellar track record when it comes to naming vehicles, but that’s not stopping Geely, who is looking for an English name for its new SUV, known in Chinese as Bin Yue. Knowing how this usually goes, I’m sure SUVy McSUVface will look fantastic on a badge on the tailgate.


Now, you may be wondering why they don’t just translate the Chinese name to English, and knock off early? Perhaps they considered that, but just so you’re in the loop, here’s what the name “Bin Yue” means:

The Chinese characters for this are 缤越, which is pronounced “Bīn yuè.” Yep, with a long “I.” “Bīn” means “fun,” but is also used in contexts, like describing rainbows, to mean “colorful.”

“Yuè” means more, but as a modifier, like if you wanted to say you were driving faster and faster, you’d say “more and more fast.”

So, all together, the name means either “More and more fun” or “more and more colorful.”


Also, I didn’t know any of that. I had to ask our own Kristen Lee, who asked her grandmother.


That picture in the tweet of the lady holding up that yellow smoke flare thing is likely related to the more color angle of the thing, I suppose?

It’s not a bad-looking SUV, as such, and if this is going to be Geely’s first stab at the U.S. market, it’s a pretty safe approach. It’s not that remarkably different than a number of other smaller crossovers, with its very sculpted side panels and that “broken” C-pillar. I do like Geely’s unique inset-oblongs grille design, though.


Hey look! Did she just track that Geely SUV, or is she leaving her track car to get back into her Geely SUV to go home? More importantly, what is she calling her car?


So, I guess if you have some fantastic name ideas, now’s your chance! If they pick yours, Geely will send you to China for a “VIP “Bin Yue” Experience Tour,” whatever the hell that is! Sounds fun!

Here’s some ideas to get you started:

Geely Enraged Wombat

Geely Sexraptor

Geely Firenodule

Geely Animalmachine

Geely Essuvee

Geely NMA

Geely Zuplank (short for zooplankton)

Geely Roadpounder

Geely Streetmusher

Geely Sleeksnake

Geely Driveham

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