Drops A New Top Ten List Of Cars Gays Are Searching For

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

While not ourselves gay, we're proud to support our man-loving brothers and women-loving sisters in making whatever choices they feel most comfortable making. That includes cars — like the latest fabulous list of most-researched vehicles on Apparently the Toyota Yaris continues to take the top spot, with the Saab 9-3, both the sedan and the drop-top took second place. We'll let you see the full super list right after the jump.

Toyota Yaris Holds Top Spot; Infiniti Debuts

ATLANTA, GA -, the sole source of information specifically targeted to and about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) car-shoppers, today announced its list of the Top 10 Most-Researched Vehicles during the second quarter of 2007. For the fourth straight quarter, the entry-level Toyota Yaris maintained the top position, while for the first time ever, a Nissan product, the Infiniti-branded FX sport-utility vehicle, joined the list. Top 10 Most Researched Vehicles -April - June, 2007

1. Toyota Yaris
2. Saab 9-3 (sedan and convertible)
3. Mazda MX-5
4. Volkswagen Jetta
6. Dodge Caliber
7. Toyota Camry
8. Audi A3
9. VW Rabbit
10. Infiniti FX

[via GayWheels]

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yeah, SO glad to see yet another label about what we drive/buy/do/think.

The A3 and Rabbit are the only cars on my last shopping list, but dumped the A3 when they didn't bring over the 2 door. Dumped the Rabbit when I figured out what an ass the dealers are, and no DSG.

One of the big reasons you think "gay" when you see Subaru is that they actually went after us as a market. Not many folks willing to do that so publicly; they were rewarded with a lot of sufferin' sisters o' Sappho sales.

Oh, and AMISHJOHH and TPSREPORTS, bite me. Go back to [] where you belong with the other junior high boys.