Gas Price Watch: Ask Your Friends For Cash

The price of a gallon of gas is going down across the country, but some states are still feeling the pain

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Happy Friday, and welcome to today’s Gas Price Watch: Our daily post about your daily misery at the pump.

Good news! We’re still moving in the right direction across the country. As of today, AAA reports the average price of a gallon of gas is $4.27. That’s down two cents from yesterday’s $4.29. It’s not much, but it’s a bigger jump down than we are used to.


As I’m sure you know, California has been saddled with the highest prices in the country, even before the recent spike. But there could be some relief coming their way. Lawmakers in the state have proposed a $400 gas rebate for all taxpayers.

“With gas prices in California surging, several Democratic lawmakers are hoping that a $400 rebate sent to all taxpayers in the state will help with sticker shock at the pump.

In his State of the State address last week, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) said there would soon be relief for those who have been financially hit by high gas prices. Food and housing costs are also on the rise, and Republican lawmakers have proposed temporarily suspending the state’s 51-cents-a-gallon gas tax. Instead, a group of 10 Democratic and independent assemblymembers have proposed $400 rebates, according to The Week.


Amazon Flex drivers are also being hit hard by the rise in prices, so now they are asking the company for pay increases to help recoup some of those costs.

On Wednesday morning, about 50 delivery and ride-share drivers parked outside an Amazon warehouse near Los Angeles. Signs taped to their car windows showed a jogging skeleton sporting an Amazon delivery uniform and carrying a package.

“Running On Empty,” the signs read at the protest rally, which was organized by Mobile Workers Alliance, a group representing gig economy workers. “We Can’t Afford Gas. Tech Giants, Pay Up,” the signs said.

The caravan of contractors gathered at the Amazon facility, known as FCA2, to urge the online retailer to follow the lead of Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and Walmart. In recent days, those companies have all added fuel surcharges or increased driver earnings to offset higher gasoline prices, according to CNBC.

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Graphic: AAA

But anyway, let’s take a look at today’s biggest winners and losers in the world of gas prices.


Here is where you can find the highest average gas prices in the country in order of highest price for a gallon regular:

  • California - $5.80 Regular | $5.99 Mid | $6.13 Premium | $6.24 Diesel
  • Hawaii - $5.12 Regular | $5.31 Mid | $5.56 Premium | $5.39 Diesel
  • Nevada - $5.04 Regular | $5.26 Mid | $5.45 Premium | $5.20 Diesel
  • Washington - $4.72 Regular | $4.96 Mid | $5.13 Premium | $5.37 Diesel
  • Alaska - $4.71 Regular | $4.90 Mid | $5.07 Premium | $5.05 Diesel

Here is the lowest average price of gasoline in the country in order of lowest price per gallon of regular:

  • Kansas - $3.79 Regular | $4.06 Mid | $4.32 Premium | $4.62 Diesel
  • Missouri - $3.79 Regular | $4.08 Mid | $4.34 Premium | $4.69 Diesel
  • Oklahoma - $3.81 Regular | $4.10 Mid | $4.33 Premium | $4.68 Diesel
  • Arkansas - $3.84 Regular | $4.18 Mid | $4.48 Premium | $4.76 Diesel
  • Nebraska - $3.87 Regular | $3.99 Mid | $4.36 Premium | $4.68 Diesel

Godspeed this weekend – because if you’re going anywhere, it’s probably going to hurt your wallet. Don’t be afraid to ask your buddies for gas money.