What would you do if you were woke to the sounds of tire squealing and crunching of Bavarian metal? That's exactly what happened to one E39 M5 owner after a drifted-sideways-SUV demolished his garage-parked BMW.


M5board poster, Resinears, is not a happy camper and for a perfectly good reason. Awoken in the middle of the night, he found his garage-parked E39 M5 clobbered by a stupid kid who thought drifting an SUV through a residential neighborhood was a good idea. Here's his account of the pricey situation:

1:20 a.m. Tuesday morning, some dumbass takes his mom's SUV for some late night drifting in my quiet residential crescent. I've found out that what the cool kids are doing is skidding a vehicle by locking up the ebrake. When you're 15 or 16 and don't have a license, you don't have the skills. He made my two car garage into a three car garage. He's lucky he wasn't killed by the accident. Funny thing is that his mom and dad's insurance company is trying to avoid paying because of his lack of license or express permission to drive. That means I could be on the hook. I really don't need this right now...

Both of my cars were in my garage. The impact drove my M5 into my tools and workbench (about 6' forward). Estimated damages to the car are $15k, but I'm guessing it will go higher after looking at the quote and catching a few missed items (didn't get the right kind of headlight kind of stuff). The other car is can drive, but sustained some body damage. The house is gonna be about the same as the car when it's all repaired.


[via m5board]